One and two day packages for Elk, Deer, Bear and Javelina

*** At no time do we take clients into the field, either for scouting or hunting.***

Our scouting packages were developed to give the do it yourself hunter a head start when planning their Arizona Deer, Elk, Bear and Javelina hunts.

Most of the scouting packages we offer are two days. We do offer some one day scouting packages for Javelina, Mule Deer, Coues deer and elk in units 22, 23, 24B, 37A, 37B.

Each packages will include:

  • One or two full days of scouting in the unit. We will glass morning and evening feeding areas, check water sources, etc. We usually try to stay out of bedding areas but will glass them heavily mid-day.

  • Every location will be marked with a GPS and video and photos will be taken. 

  • Every location will then be compiled into a GPX file that can be downloaded to most modern GPS units or phone GPS apps.

  •  Video of each location scouted provided on a DVD

  • The GPX file will be copied and converted to a Google Earth KML file. When you open this file in Google Earth, all of the locations will be shown and labeled.

  • Maps will be provided and marked with each location.

  • A written description of each location with general tips on how to hunt each location will be included along with a photo or two of each spot. 

The scouting video will be on DVD and the other data will be on a CD. The maps will be USGS topo or other similar map. We can also provide a password protected private video on Youtube. No one else will be able to view it.

Pricing -

$300 for one day scouting packages - These units are the only ones we offer a one day scouting package.

Units 21, 22, 23, 24B, 37A, 37B

$475 for two day scouting packages.

All Units EXCEPT 12A, 12B, 13A and 13B

$575 for two day scouting packages

Units 12A  and $12B (Kaibab)

*** At no time do we take clients into the field, either for scouting or hunting.***


To set up a scouting trip send us a message with your hunt dates, unit number and species.


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