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How To Unzip Your Downloaded Files

After you  make your purchase, you will get an email with a link to download your files. If you do not see an email, look in your spam and trash folders. 

iPhone /iPad -

Android - 

Here are instructions to unzip your files and save them on an iPhone and iPad

Here are instructions to unzip your files and save them on an Android phone or tablet.

Suggested Apps for Using your Downloaded Files

Your down contains a .KML file for use with Google Earth. You need to have the Google Earth App on your phone, tablet or desktop in order to use this file. The app is free and can be installed with the links below.

Google Earth  - iPhone App Store

Google Earth  - Google Play for Android

Your download also contains a .GPX  file for use with many mapping programs and also most GPS apps and handheld GPS devises. Below are some suggested APPS and software programs. We use suggest BaseCamp, onX and GAIA. 

Garmin Base Camp - Desktop or Laptop Software for mapping and transfering the GPX file to your Garmin GPS.

onX - Very popular phone and computer based mapping and GPS software (fee based). 

GAIA - There are free and subscription based versions of this very easy to use GPS APP for phones, tablets, and computers.

More Options - Here are other options, both free and purchased, for consideration.

Instructional Videos for using GPS APPS, Google Earth and E-Scouting


Google  Earth

E Scouting

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