Scounting Packages

What you will receive with each package


Each Scouting package comes with a DVD with video of each location we scout. Typical areas we look at are feeding areas (south and south east facing slopes early in the day) Bedding areas (north facing slopes mid day) water sources, saddles on steep ridges where animals often cross, etc.


Each Scouting package will include map(s) clearly marked with each location we scout. The number on the map will correspond with the number on the written report, the GPX file and the Google Earth KML file

GPS Coordinates

Each Scouting package will include the  GPS coordinates of each location we scout. These will be in the written report and also in the form of a GPX file which can be uploaded to most GPS units and also used with many phone based GPS apps

Google Earth KML

Each Scouting package will include a Google Earth KML file containing a pin dropped on each location we scout. 

Written Description

Each Scouting package will include a written description of each location scouted. This will typically include a brief description of each area we scouted, the GPS coordinates and photographs

Every scouting package will be sent to your shipping address by USPS Priority Mail. It will include the paper maps, a DVD with the video and a CD with all of the documents and files. We will also email you all of the files and send you a link to watch the video online. Only you will be able to see the video.

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